November 1st 2023

🧙‍♀️ Search Sorcery 🎃 Reporting Rituals (Halloween Special)


  • Search Box Sorcery: all your label filtering can now be conjured right from the search box

  • Terrifying Toggles: active ads and ads with diagnostics can now be toggled right from the main view. Like turning your magic wand, switch between these options with ease

  • Mystery Metrics & Data Potions: unearth the secrets of your data with three new ready-made reports:

    • Same ad name: ever duplicated an ad across campaigns or ad sets and wish to know the aggregate performance? This ones for you

    • Post ID: using post ids to avoid diluting engagement and scale winners? Well played. Now you can view results for each post at the account level

    • Destination URL: does what it says on the tin, combines the results of ads using their landing page. No more guessing which is better, know instantly with one-click