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December 14th 2023

Improvements βœ…

  • Practical Presets: off-the-shelf metrics and column order to help with everyday analysis such as funnel or video performance

  • Save Your Setup: save your preferred column setup and access with one-click across all teams and accounts

November 30th 2023

Improvements βœ…

  • A second, previous period bar added when comparing dates: we now render a second bar dynamically for the previous period when a date comparison is applied, this makes it far easier and quicker to compare two periods

  • Row selection memory: row selections are now preserved when you change the date range, removing the headache of re-selectionΒ 

  • Bar graph tooltip enhancements: tooltips in bar graphs now show previous and current values for a more intuitive experience

November 23rd 2023

Improvements βœ…

  • Launched a new horizontal bar graph feature that quickly showcases averages and totals, simplifying comparison tasks

  • Linked graphs to grid data through an innovative colour-match system, where checkbox selections dynamically adjust graph hues for better visual coherence

November 16th 2023

New Feature 🌟

  • Trend Analysis: understand performance overtime and detect trends intuitively with a single-click

Improvements βœ…

  • Support for accounts that run up to 5k ads per day!

November 8th 2023

Improvements βœ…

  • Navbar upgrade: our second navbar upgrade deployed and designed for ease of use

  • Aggregation enhancements: find your favourite views now nested in a tidy modal accessed directly from the grid

  • Data fetcher faster than ever: reduced the time it takes to load 100 ads by 50%

November 1st 2023

Improvements βœ…

  • Search Box Sorcery: all your label filtering can now be conjured right from the search box

  • TerrifyingΒ Toggles: active ads and ads with diagnostics can now be toggled right from the main view. Like turning your magic wand, switch between these options with ease

  • Mystery Metrics & Data Potions: unearth the secrets of your data with three new ready-made reports:

    • Same ad name: ever duplicated an ad across campaigns or ad sets and wish to know the aggregate performance? This ones for you

    • Post ID: using post ids to avoid diluting engagement and scale winners? Well played. Now you can view results for each post at the account level

    • Destination URL: does what it says on the tin, combines the results of ads using their landing page. No more guessing which is better, know instantly with one-click

October 24th 2023

Improvements βœ…

  • Visible Filters: Effortlessly view all your search filters in one place - the search box

  • Exclude Text Conditions: Introduced a "does not contain" condition to narrow down your text searches

  • Date Comparison Choice: Opt in or out of date comparisons as you please

    • Preset Periods: Default periods such as year-on-year for rapid comparisons

    • Full Control: Customize your comparison window as you see fit

  • Filtering enhancements

    • Categorized Filters: Navigate filters easily with new 'Name' and 'Metrics' categories

    • Metric-Based Filtering: Apply numeric conditions to filter performance by metrics

October 17th 2023

New Feature 🌟

  • Simplified Search: We've added a standalone search box, making it easier than ever to find what you're looking for

Improvements βœ…

  • Advanced Date Selections: You can now use default periods such as β€˜this week’, β€˜this month’ and β€˜last 30 days’ to get what you need quickly

  • Combine Search & Filters: Building on the search feature, you can now use search and filtering abilities simultaneously to narrow down your results

    • State Management: Search and filters are preserved across both grid and gallery views providing a seamless experience whichever your preference

  • More Metrics: Total video plays, hook/hold ratios, average watch times, initiate checkout, add-to-cart and leads are now available for further insights

  • Clear All Filters: A convenient option to reset your session in one go